AIM - Action and Issue Management

AIM is a management tool that enables leaders within an organization to effectively manage actions, issues and conditions through their full lifecycle.

Our team of industry leaders, engineers, and software developers built AIM to meet the rigorous standards of suppliers in the nuclear industry. Our design philosophy is centered on helping you achieve two objectives: accountability and continuous improvement.

When we say Accountability...

We mean holding those in your organization accountable to do what they say — while easily demonstrating accountability and results to yourself and your clients.

When we say Continuous Improvement...

We mean learning from organizational trends and making fact-based decisions to correct underlying causes.

Capture Actions and Issues Easily

Simple, well-designed interface.

Rigorous Processes

Structured workflow processes for actions and issues ensures effective management oversight and verification.

Automatic Email Notifications

Configurable email notifications automate the communication process with responsible work groups.

One-Click Trending and Reporting

The software handles trending and report generation, so your leaders can focus on making rapid, fact-based decisions.

Quality Ready

Corrective and preventive action tracking built around ISO 9001 and leading management system standards. Integrate easily with your existing quality/safety management system, or help build a compliant system from the ground up.

Modern, State-Of-The-Art Technology

Connect from the office, the field, or the cottage — using your laptop, tablet, or phone. AIM uses responsive web-based technology and is securely hosted in the cloud (or optionally, on-site).

Customize and Integrate

Our Private Cloud and On-Site accounts allow for full customization of the software to meet your organization’s unique needs. This includes integrations with you and your clients’ existing IT systems.

Import Your Data

Already tracking issues and actions elsewhere? We’ll import data for you from any existing source (databases, spreadsheets, or paper).

Comprehensive Documentation & On-Site Training

Access or print a comprehensive, screenshot based user guide from within the software. We also offer on-site training and formal procedure drafting for integration with your management system.

Proven Track Record

A proven tool with an industry track record. Take a look at our case study and contact us to hear more.

Manage Issues and Actions of All Types

Track issues from:
  • Safety Events
  • Environmental Events
  • Good Catches / Near Misses
  • Observation & Coaching
  • Non-conformances
  • Internal / External Audits
  • Management Reviews
  • Customer Complaints
  • Supplier Issues
  • Operating Experience (OPEX)
  • Station Condition Records
  • and others
Track actions for:
  • Corrective Actions
  • Preventive Actions
  • Management Actions
  • Self-Improvement Actions
  • and others

Exceptional Support

We offer a full suite of ongoing supporting services:
  • On-site, phone, and email-based technical support.
  • Secure cloud hosting.
  • Comprehensive data and file backups.
  • 24/7 system performance and availability monitoring.